A-RACE Project

competitions of unmanned racing full-scale cars

A-Race is the first Russian competition for unmanned full-scale racing cars. Competitions are aimed at promoting unmanned technology and road transport. Focused primarily on the strongest teams of universities and companies developing unmanned systems. The project is based on a control system for high-speed transport platforms along a given cyclical track, with constant monitoring of the external situation of each of the platforms, with a choice of trajectories of movement, dispatching and the possibility of switching to manual remote control.

Racing cars are built on the basis of a spatial metal frame, closed on top with fiberglass elements.

The power unit of a racing car can be either an electric motor or an engine of an internal combustion engine with a volume of 800 cm3, which allows it to reach speeds in excess of 100 km / h. The first A-Race competition involves the participation of 6 teams.