Avrora Robotics in the new issue of the magazine "AgroReport" - Avrora Robotics

Avrora Robotics in the new issue of the magazine "AgroReport"


Avrora Robotics in the new issue and on the cover of the magazine «AgroReport» — one of the leading publications in the field of agriculture! The project «AgroBot» is devoted to an article that describes in detail the functionality of an unmanned tractor, the advantages of the control system and the principle of interaction with a person. The publishing house has touched upon the problem of the lack of productivity growth and optimization of work in agriculture, which makes it necessary to progress the agricultural equipment and supply it with more modern technologies.

Automation solves many problems — the quality of tillage, planting, fertilization and crop protection, as well as harvesting is improved. “And while the world media forces its readers to observe and worry about the testing of unmanned vehicles from car brands, the Russian company Avrora Robotics is testing its own AgroBot project in the Ryazan region. AgroBot is an unmanned complex consisting of the Avrora Robotics tractor and control system. He has already been tested on pre-sowing tillage, on sowing, as well as on inter-row tillage. Do not look for a cab in this tractor — it is not here! «, — writes AgroReport.

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