IQBoat Project


“IQBoat” is an unmanned recreational swimming vehicle of small displacement. The concept of the project involves the organization of the autonomous movement of recreational swimming facilities in closed reservoirs. The project can be adapted turnkey and be the basis for new directions in the entertainment and restaurant businesses. IQBoat includes a floating platform management system with electric drive and docking module for charging, as well as a central dispatch system. The project is promising for cities with developed tourism and popular entertainment areas «on the water»

The advantages of the system

  • The newest idea for the sphere entertainment business
  • Ideal for cities with large amount of water and tourists
  • In the functional platform can enter: equipped place for barbecue / BBQ, hookah / tea, full kitchen and much more
  • Unparalleled project

Work scenarios

  • Autonomous movement on one of the predetermined routes.
  • It is performed automatically under the control of the dispatcher.
  • Automatic routing and movement to the parking place when requested from passengers.
  • Manual control from the control tower for parking bots and output on the route.

IQBoats are able to move independently on a set of pre-established routes, avoiding collisions with each other and with other floating means.