Unior Project

Educational complex of mobile robotics

Designing robots requires an understanding of causal relationships, a mathematical mindset, an understanding of how things happen in the real world. Soon, robotics will be closely related to education and will be as widespread as mathematics. For educational purposes, Avrora Robotics has developed Unior.

The project is focused on physics and technology schools, universities, TSMITy, technology parks, quantoriums, student design bureaus and other centers of technical creativity for the development of the educational process and the motivation of schoolchildren and students to develop robotic and IT areas, and subsequently create a personnel reserve for the future industry.


The project «Unior» is:

  • educational complex for learning robotics;
  • a line of modules for building,
  • developing skills for assembling,
  • setting up and programming unmanned robotic vehicles;
  • training and metodology complex;
  • online competency center;
  • annual competition «Unior Race»

Unior Race

Annual competitions based on Unior platforms

Goals of the Unior Race

— popularization and development of modern technologies among young people;

— formation of personnel reserve capable of creating intelligent and robotic systems.

Objectives of the competition Unior Race

— Demonstration of the current level of technology development for solving current problems;

— creation of additional opportunities for combining the interests and efforts of developers, industry representatives and end users to implement developments in the field of robotics in the final product;

— stimulating the development of autonomous transport systems.

The educational platform UNIOR provides an opportunity to conduct developments in the field of robotics, to debug scenarios, control modes and various technologies, such as the recognition of road scenes, optimization of motion algorithms, and many others. For universities and development centers that have research teams and technical centers of creativity, the UNIOR mobile will allow to step over the barrier to creating a test and debugging platform and go directly to testing and testing the developed own software and hardware modules.

A robo-mobile line with a variety of drive systems, sensor systems and power supply types provides the learner with a multi-functional tool for programming a wide range of Unior work scenarios.