MARS Project

Mobile Autonomous Robotic System (MARS)

Today, the issues of robotization of military equipment are among the priorities in determining the directions for the development of scientific and technological progress in the defense sphere. Avrora Robotics has developed the Mars A-800 unmanned transport platform for the Russian army, which is able to move independently both on land and on water.

Mobile Autonomous Robotized System (MARS) is a multifunctional unmanned all-terrain vehicle with off-road capability.

The platform can be operated around the clock at different locations in different weather conditions.

Additional realizable opportunities include group use, in which all all-terrain vehicles work in cooperation and exchange information about the terrain and goals. MARS has the ability to drop with a parachute system.

MARS can also be used in the civil sphere, performing a wide range of tasks:

  • accompaniment;
  • the implementation of transport and logistics;
  • use in high-risk areas, excluding the presence of people (fires, wetlands, work areas on minefields).


  • «Follow me» — The operator fixes an active tag on his equipment. The robot tracks the label movement and follows the operator. Settings choose the nature of the movement and the distance to the lead. While driving, the system independently navigates the route, avoiding the obstacles encountered.
  • «Track» — Movement is carried out by target designation on the map or by pre-saved points. In this mode, the robot can autonomously deliver cargo (food, ammunition), evacuate the wounded, carry out reconnaissance.
  • «Cyclic race» — Cycling along a predetermined route, observing and detecting targets, tracking data from video cameras and radars.
  • «Telecontrol» — The robot can be controlled by the operator in remote mode from the remote.

The platform is easy to operate and does not require constant attention from the operator. One of the advantages of the system is the possibility of using the built-in generator for powering the camp or for charging external special equipment.

The platform length is 3 m, width is 2.15 m, height is 1.27 m. Its mass reaches 950 kg. At the same time, up to four people or various cargoes, including ammunition, special equipment and weapons, with a total weight of up to 500 kg, can be placed on board. The platform can move over land at a speed of up to 35 km / h, and on water at a speed of up to 5 km / h.