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Avrora Robotics and INTC "Aerospace Innovation Valley"


Within the framework of the conference «Aerospace Innovation Valley: infrastructure development and support for high-tech companies».

Avrora Robotics and AKID signed a «contract for the provision of services on the platform of a Virtual center for collective use.» At the past round tables, the development of the innovative scientific and technological center «Aerospace Innovation Valley» was discussed. One of the most important areas is the improvement of the unmanned aircraft systems industry, the Ryazan Region is part of a new national project for the formation of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry. The Protos Research and Production Center is being created in this direction. This year, a pilot station will be created there with a base for testing drones, refining them and manufacturing components for their operational repair.

Also, the Varskiye Greenfield is being designed on the territory of the valley, where it is planned to make a technopark in the field of electronic industry.

The creation of a Collective Use Center is being completed, which will allow regional companies to use the production capabilities of residents and partners of the Innovative Scientific and Technological Center (INTC).

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