Conference "Skolkovo Robotics- V" - Avrora Robotics

Conference "Skolkovo Robotics- V"


Avrora Robotics for this exhibition brought agriculture UGV «Agrobot» and robotic platforms «Junior» for the competition.

April 21th, 2017 The largest Russian robotics conference — Skolkovo Robotics-V — was held in Skolkovo Technopark. The theme of the conference — «Robots and Society» — set the mood for all past discussions.

According to the organizers, the fifth Skolkovo Robotics conference has become the largest — more than 5.5 thousand registered guests, more than 60 robots and related projects. World experts in the field of robotics from different countries communicated with the public from the scenes and on the sidelines. At the same time, robots created by Russian and foreign companies entertained, surprised and enlightened guests of the exhibition.


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