FTC 2018 - Avrora Robotics

FTC 2018


From October 17 to October 22, Aurora Robotics specialists took part in the Federal Training Campus (FTC 2018), organized by the ‘Robotics: Engineering and Technical Personnel of Innovative Russia» fund Oleg Deripaska «Volnoe Delo».

As part of the event, training was conducted in the direction of Robot Operating System (ROS). Especially for this event,  Aurora Robotics has provided an educational platform for the UNIOR.    The participants of the FTC were engaged in writing program code for the implementation of such classic tasks in robotics as the execution of basic maneuvers, obstacle detection, odometry calculation, and the detection of track objects. All acquired skills were tested on a romo mobile, which is especially important for preparing for the competitions of the category “Unior Race” and “Avtonet 18+”.

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