December 19 was sent the 25th "Unior 2.0" - Avrora Robotics

December 19 was sent the 25th "Unior 2.0"


UNIOR 2.0 is an educational constructor produced by Avrora Robotics that allows schoolchildren and students to master the skills of working with drones. This designer is unique: the tracks can be changed to regular or omni-wheels, add various modules and additional equipment, and its sensor and computing systems are not inferior to full-fledged unmanned vehicles.

The educational platform UNIOR provides an opportunity to conduct developments in the field of robotics, to debug scenarios, control modes and various technologies, such as the recognition of road scenes, optimization of motion algorithms, and many others.

The kit includes: a robotic platform Unior 2.0, free software and an educational complex for studying the system and capabilities of the robot.

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