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Ryazan is selected for testing unmanned vehicles


In connection with the rapid development of IT technologies and the introduction of autonomous robotic technology in everyday life, the question arises as to how soon we will be able to see unmanned vehicles on our roads? On April 3, 2018, the president of JSC «GLONASS» Alexander Gurko answered, solemnly declaring the appearance of the first drones cars until 2025 and the beginning of testing in the territory of Ryazan and Lipetsk.  Among the many cities, only Ryazan and Lipetsk met the decisive criteria: the development of the transport network, the availability of parking lots, video-fixation cameras and other elements of the ITS. According to experts, Ryazan is distinguished by a highly integrated intellectual transport system. During the tests of unmanned vehicles, various scenarios of refueling, parking and sharing of manned vehicles and unmanned vehicles will be worked out.

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