Russia's first robotic agricultural machinery complex - Avrora Robotics

Russia's first robotic agricultural machinery complex


The first large agricultural enterprise in Russia using unmanned tractors from Avrora Robotics will appear in 2019 in the Ryazan region.

According to the concept of development of the Avtonet Scientific and Technical Information Institute, unmanned agricultural equipment will work in cooperation: reading data from a variety of field sensors and weather stations, collecting and processing data on soil and crop conditions and performing work on the order of third-party agroholdings. On the basis of the farm in the Ryazan region, the area of ​​which will exceed 500 hectares, the company plans to test technologies for everyday use of UAVs in the agro-industrial complex until 2021.

The robotized complex will include 10 unmanned tractors — Agrobot, which will be controlled by a single dispatch center. As part of the introduction of drones to agriculture, a number of related technologies and information systems will be developed, and legal aspects in the legislative sphere of the use of Agrobots will be regulated.
Key scenarios for unmanned agricultural machinery include tillage, fertilization, planting crops, irrigation, mowing and harvesting, transportation of harvested agricultural products.
The implementation of the project on the introduction of unmanned vehicles will help solve urgent problems for agriculture, including the shortage of qualified tractor operators to work on each piece of equipment and the danger to the health of specialists working with chemical fertilizers.

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