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Robot Sanitizer


We now have an innovative alternative to the classic process of disinfection of premises. It allows the whole process to be carried out remotely in an autonomous mode, without the direct involvement of people. That, of course, ensures the complete safety of people’s life and health and makes the whole thing a lot easier. Avrora Robotics has tested a modular sprayer that can be mounted on UNIOR 2.0 robots.

The tracked robotic complex UNIOR, serial number 28, prepared for the Techno Park in Nizhny Novgorod, was used in the tests. UNIOR project is a universal robotic system that allows you to master the basics of robotics and robot programming. The modular design of the robotic complex allows you to create unmanned projects for solving a wide variety of tasks using various modules and components.
The robot can move on a wheels or tracks. The indisputable advantage of the latest configuration is its increased cross-country ability, the ability to overcome thresholds, stairs and other obstacles. The platform has a lifting capacity of 50 kg, that allows to accommodate sufficiently large tanks with sprayed liquid.

And this is just one of the many tasks that the UNIOR robotic complex can perform!

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