«RoboCross-2018» - Avrora Robotics



From 9 to 12 July, within the framework of «RoboCross-2018» at the GAZ testing range in Nizhny Novgorod, the second field tests «Unior Race» were held. These are competitions of modular designers of small unmanned robotic cars «Junior» on a specially constructed route, which simulates the urban road environment.

This year on «Unior Race» teams of students from five universities of the country arrived. Participants were asked to go through the route: leaving the start area, having traveled around the obstacle, observing the directions of road signs, marking and traffic lights, reach the finish line. Each team used its methods to successfully solve the task.

The first place was won by the IrGUPS team of the Irkutsk State University of Communications, the second was the team of the Saratov State Technical University, the third group was divided between the teams of the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University and the Irkutsk Scientific and Technical Technical University.

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